Gadis Manis Malaysia

Gadis Manis Malaysia products are now available!

Gadis Manis is a brand of gifts and souvenirs with a unique and stylish twist on Malaysia's ethnic and cultural diversity.

Florence Lambert Lee, owner and founder of Gadis Manis, is a French national and created the brand in 2008. The brand logo shows three girls - Gowry, Yati and Ah Chik - to represent the major races in Malaysia.

The selection of Gadis Manis products at our store includes:
- New Casual Suede & Berlingot Bags
- Travel Pouches & Wristlet Pouches
- Gamat Soap
- Mug Collections
- Ceramic Pin Trays

To find out more about Gadis Manis, check out their website: Gadis Manis Malaysia


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